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It’s a classic thing we’ve all heard: “New York is great to visit, but I wouldn`t want to live there.” New Yorkers laugh it off because they know the secret: it’s even better when you live there. New York Interiors offers readers the chance to see th
e Big Apple`s most fabulous pads in all their eccentric splendor. The Hell’s Angel who sleeps next to a coffin, the painter who makes art from trash, the woman who’s brought Provence to Downtown, the couple who live in the Brooklyn of the 19th centur
y “typical” New Yorkers` homes are presented alongside those of its glitterati (such as Leo Castelli, Wolfgang Joop, Isabella Rossellini and Steven Spielberg). With beautiful photographs of over 40 homes in and around New York City, this book is bou
nd to convince the nay-sayers that New York really is the place to beand live.

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